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【TAITURN FILTER】The harm of the inferior oil filter to the engine

Oil filter is the three filters on the engine life of a greater impact on the part of the role of oil filter is the oil from the oil pan in the harmful impurities in the filter to clean oil supply crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, Supercharger, piston ring, etc., play lubrication, cooling, cleaning effect, thus extending the life of these parts, it is our most commonly used car consumables. Such as the purchase of inferior oil filter, the engine components will exacerbate wear and tear, a serious block of oil supply, resulting in the engine scrapped, suffered heavy losses.

1. Low-quality filter using low-cost filter paper filter, because of its filter paper aperture, poor uniformity, low filtration efficiency, can not be harmful to the engine impurities effectively filter out, will cause the engine wear and reduce the engine life The

2. Low-quality filter using low-quality adhesive, and the amount of very little, neither oil, and can not be firmly bonded, resulting in leakage of the filter element; or filter joints using staples, can not seal and leak A large number of harmful impurities into the engine, reducing engine life.

3. Poor filter with ordinary rubber parts to replace the oil-resistant rubber parts, the use of the process due to internal seal failure to form oil leakage, harmful impurities into the engine caused by engine wear and tear, life reduction; Outside the seal outside the ring extrusion, a large number of short-term oil drain, so that the engine burns, hold the shaft, suffered serious damage.

4. Poor quality filter shell parts welding process is rough, can not guarantee the sealing.

5. Oil filter center tube material to thin on behalf of the thick, the strength is not enough, in the course of the use of the center tube suction deflated, filter damage plug the oil, resulting in insufficient lubrication of the engine; or the mouth of the poor reliability, Open, resulting in a large number of oil leakage in a short time, resulting in burning tile, holding the axis.

6. Filter cover, the central tube, shell and other metal parts, not anti-rust treatment, resulting in metal corrosion impurities, so that the filter into a source of pollution. What is more, with cement instead of adhesives, the more harmful.

Therefore, the quality of the filter is very poor, it is recommended that users choose the filter filter when the choice of TAITURN FILTER to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

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