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【TAITURN FILTER】Classification and Function of Automobile Filter

First, the type of filter

A filter is a filter that filters impurities or gases. According to different filtering functions can be divided into: oil filter, fuel filter (gasoline filter, diesel filter), air filter, air conditioning filter. Respectively, bearing the lubrication system, the combustion system medium, the engine intake system, the compartment air circulation system filter.

Second, the role of oil filter

As a component of the internal combustion engine, plays a very important role in the lubrication system. It can be produced in the combustion process and mixed with oil in the metal debris, carbon particles and oil gradually produce impurities such as glial filter out. These impurities will accelerate the wear of moving parts, easily lead to oil clogging. Oil filter to ensure the normal operation of the internal combustion engine, so that the life of the internal combustion engine greatly improved, but also extend the life of other parts.

Third, the role of fuel filter

The role of the fuel filter is to filter the fuel needed to burn the engine (gasoline, diesel), to prevent the fuel brought about by foreign matter such as dust, metal powder, water, organic matter into the engine to prevent the engine wear and damage caused by fuel system The

Fourth, the role of air filters

In order to make the engine work properly, there must be a lot of pure air inhalation. If the air is harmful to the engine (dust, gum, alumina, iron oxide, etc.) is sucked, cylinder, piston components will increase the burden of abnormal wear conditions, and even mixed with the engine oil, resulting in greater wear and tear , Resulting in deterioration of engine performance, shortened life expectancy. While the air filter also has a silencer function.

Fifth, the role of air conditioning filter

Used to filter the air inside the car compartment and the air circulation inside and outside the compartment. Remove the air inside the car or into the air inside the dust, impurities, smoky smell, pollen, etc., to ensure the health of passengers. At the same time air-conditioning filter also has the wind filter does not make the role of atomization. Air conditioning filters generally require 10,000 km replacement time in order to achieve the best results.

Misunderstanding: most people will think that summer air conditioning, filter to play a role; in fact, it is used throughout the year to filter into the car inside the air. In order to protect your health, do not ignore the effectiveness of this small filter!

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