taiturn filterEmployment mechanism

Consider human resources as the first resource

Through multiple channels to select ,classification examination, competition, job rotation and other ways, advocate the principle of"Capable people mount guard,ordinary people yield ,Incapable person laid off", Establish incentive and competitive mechanisms.

Keep on optimizing the structure of human resources, improve management methods, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, give full play to the potential of employees, provide employees a platform to achieve self-worth, and realize the harmonious development of employees and enterprises.

HEBEI TAITURN FILTER CO., LTDEmployment standard

Having both ability and good character and taking morality as the first step

Be determined to make progress,Realistic innovation

Unity and cooperation, good communication

Study hard, keep pace with the times

HEBEI TAITURN FILTER CO., LTDStaff training, development and planning
The training before work
Class lectures, on-site teaching, and actual operations for a period of 1-3 days, a cycle of one month.
Probation period
practice in this department,1-2months;At the trial period to fully know about the characteristics of the staff, set up training for employees, so that employees can master a skill at the end of the trial period.
Training on the job

1.The enterprise carries on the on-the-job training according to the strategic of development goal and each position demand, thus to raise the professional level, achieves each work goal;

2.the enterprises according to the principle that as long as there is training, there must be assessment, as long as there is assessment, there must be the results,  to establish training plan for each employee, and the examination results as an important basis for archiving, staff promotion, salary;

3.Enterprises pay more attention to human resources planning and development, pay attention to absorb and train talents,to train and transport regularly every year spent heavily on domestic and foreign high-end talent , the company for some special positions, regularly scheduled each year abroad to study, all expenses are paid by enterprises.

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