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【TAITURN FILTER】Hazard of low quality air filter

Air filter is a key component to ensure the normal operation of the engine, it is responsible for the air into the engine to filter clean, to prevent dust debris into the engine, this work is destined to it is a consumable, every year will use a lot of sets, but this We are commonplace accessories in the market type is very much, poor quality products are also filled with one, once the use will easily damage the engine, and now the engine parts are very expensive, repair the cost is very large.

Hazard 1: lack of intake, reduce combustion efficiency. If the air filter is compared to a mask, poor breathing will inevitably lead to weak cardiac pacing. Engine the same reason, because the intake resistance is too large, lack of intake will lead to lower engine combustion efficiency. The engine is likely to be a lack of power failure phenomenon, because the fuel is not sufficient combustion, the formation of carbon fuel injectors, cylinder head valve and other parts of the cylinder caused serious damage.

Hazard 2: Damage to the intake system components. Due to the lack of air filter accuracy, the amount of dust and impurities in the air entering the engine increases, and some parts on the engine are precision parts that are easily damaged by impurities in the air. Bear the brunt of the supercharger, the dust in the air will make the supercharger bearing wear and even impeller fracture, resulting in oil leakage, supercharger lubrication bad, lack of gas, is bound to cause the engine performance decline.

Hazard 3: Block the intercooler, the air volume deteriorates. After the air is sucked through the turbocharger, the temperature rises sharply. After cooling the cooler system, the cold air density is greater, allowing more air to enter the cylinder. However, if there are too many impurities in the air, will lead to poor ventilation in the cold system, cooling effect decreases.

Hazard 4: dust filter is not net, exacerbate the engine wear. Dust inhaled into the air intake system, will increase the cylinder, piston, piston rings and other parts of the wear and tear, resulting in reduced engine combustion efficiency, service life attenuation. At the same time, this is also the engine power consumption is high, power weakened, start the difficulties and other symptoms of the incentive.

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