taiturn filterProduct Introduction
Oil Filter
taiturnfilter oil filter
Morereliable lesswear

    In order to meet the efficient operation of modern engines automobile manufacturers demand the absolute highest levels of performance from the engine components. Oil circuit is very important ,so no other than clean oil can ensure lasting stability of the engine. If the circulating oil is not permanently freed of impurities and combustion residues so that the protection from wear is no longer guaranteed. In the worst case, this may even damage the engine.

    To ensure safety,Taiturn filter is the best choice.Taiturn filter is suitable for modern high performance oil.Due to the wide range of application, the requirements of the oil filter are different, but the taiturn filter can provide a variety of different items of oil filters to choose for you.

Fuel Filter
taiturn fuel filter
Higherperformance  lowerfuel consumption

    Modern high performance injection systems require high demands on the quality and purity of fuel .TAITURN FILTER fuel filters ensure that dirt particles and any water contained in the fuel do not damage the engine.

    TAITURN FILTER fuel filters are also adapted to the high demands of sensitive injection assemblies, as well as the specific properties of alternative fuels, as biodiesel.By using extremely fine filter media, the fuel is reliably freed of undesirable dirt particles.Our filters protect the injection system from wear and corrosion, thereby helping to maintain engine stability and reduce maintenance costs.

Air Filter
taiturn air filter
Cleanair veryreliable

    Combustion engines require clean intake air for obtain the best performance,If the pollutants in the air, such as soot or dust get into the combustion chamber, pitting may occur on the cylinder heads, causing premature wear of the engine .The function of electronic parts located between the suction and the combustion chamber may also be significantly impaired.

    TAITURN FILTER air filters are the end of the road for all dirt particles.TAITURN FILTER has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency and strong mechanical stability so that it has the ability to filter tiny particles in the air, whether it is dust, pollen, sand, carbon black or water droplets, all can be filtered out.This promotes the full combustion of fuel and ensures the stability of engine performance.

    In order to guarantee performance, air filters must be checked regularly, as a blocked filter will impede the air supply to the engine. The possible consequence of this is: the fuel may not be completely burned and may in part be discarded without being used. Here is another advantage of TAITURN FILTER air filters: the high dust holding capacity ensures reliability throughout the entire service interval.

Cabin Air Filter
taiturn cabin air filter
Fresherair  A morecomfortableatmosphere

    Poor quality air makes you tired, irritates your eyes and respiratory tract. Cabin air filters from TAITURN FILTER ensure improved comfort and fresh air in your car .Because they filtrate dust, pollen, soot and other pollutants which freely access to airborne in the car.These pollutants can cause health problems for more and more people - especially those with asthma and allergies .

    Like all filters, however, TAITURN FILTER cabin air filters also have to be changed regularly. As a general rule, they should be serviced at one-year intervals or after every 15,000 km travelled. Misty windows, a stuffy cabin and a malfunctioning air conditioning system are also sure signs that replacement is necessary.

    Next time you are changing your cabin air filter, play it safe and choose a patented high-tech filter from TAITURN FILTER. Our products are a perfect fit and of verified original equipment quality. Detailed installation instructions mean that assembly is quick and easy.

ECO Filter
taiturn ECO filter
ECO(Cartridge or Element) type Oil filter and Fuel filter

    Vehicle manufacturers are changing to environmentally friendly ECO(Cartridge or Element) Type filters more often nowadays.

    ECO(Cartridge or Element) oil filters are a replaceable element that fits a reusable housing in the car. This style of filter design is becoming more common with vehicle manufacturers as they try to reduce waste such as this is made from paper and environment-friendly plastic that can be incinerated and this recycled materials which help to save the environment. Especially, we are using GESSNER Paper and this paper is qualified cosmopolitanly.

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