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【TAITURN FILTER】How long of the replace cabin air filter is correct

Currently, many families have installed an air purifier, and after a certain amount of time it will be found that the air purifier has a thick black material covered in the filter core.

In fact, there are similar phenomena in cars. 

How long does it take to change the air conditioning filter?

What is the effect of air conditioning filter on air purification in the car?


How long of the replace cabin air filter is correct

During the operation of the engine, the impurities such as dust and metal debris will be continuously mixed into the cylinder.

In the haze weather, the moisture and pollution particles in the air are more, and the accumulation of coagulation can cause air exchange in the engine to be blocked, which will increase the fuel consumption in the long time.

And the haze enters air conditioning system, the filter core will be left with moisture and dust, easy to breed bacteria.

After starting the air conditioner, it not only affects the air intake, but also causes the pollution of the fan and the pipe, resulting in a series of problems.

The cabin air filter is actually the equivalent of a "mask" of the car, which filters out the debris and impurities in the air to keep the engine running properly.

It also prevents the intake duct from breeding bacteria, resulting in the smell of the car and even the health of the car drivers.

So how often do you change the cabin air filter? The time to change the air filter is mainly to look at the external environment.

In Germany, an audi A8 can run 150,000 kilometers before changing cabin air filter.

At China in general, cabin air filter of the vehicle maintenance cycle is 10000 kilometers, or about half a year a can, and in the fog haze serious cases, the best is replaced every three months.

Cabin air filter seemingly insignificant, but in the daily route for in-car air purification is a more important role, in this remind each owner, don't forget to replace cabin air filter !


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