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【TAITURN FILTER】Oil leak after replacing oil filter? May be the following aspects of the problem!

In the maintenance of the vehicle, usually change oil and oil filter.

After replacement, there could be a breakdown of the oil leak.

Here are some of the reasons for the leak:

1. It may be that the newly replaced oil filter has serious quality problems and needs to be thoroughly checked;

2. When dealing with waste filter, the interface position pollution is exposed to some dirty pollutants, which makes the silk mouth not 100% consistent.

3. the paper filter element environmental filter, and may be in uninstall, the sealing ring in the guide bar is not uninstalled, installed the new filter seal ring.

4. There may be a replacement of the new filter, and there is no replacement of the sealing ring inside the filter.

5. The rotation force used in the outer sealing ring of the filter is likely to be too large, resulting in the deformation of the changed oil filter and even the hidden injury. Once the pressure has been hit, the oil will leak.

6. After removing the old filter, the old sealing ring may still be attached to the filter holder. At this time, no further inspection and confirmation is made to install the new filter.

7. Serious pollution caused by the lubrication system, which causes the main oil channel to be blocked, can cause a series of pressure reactions, which may impact the sealing ring of the filter, resulting in oil leakage.

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