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【TAITURN FILTER】Fuel filter replacement methods and precautions

The role of fuel filter is to filter out the fuel in the iron oxide, dust and other solid debris prevent fuel clogging, reduce mechanical wear, to ensure the stable operation of the engine, improve reliability. The filter is a "fear of dirty parts, after a period of use, the need for replacement of the fuel filter.

Fuel filter replacing method

First, relax oil and fuel filter with the clamping device, then removed from the oil in the fuel filter, followed by a stopper circuit, so that you can prevent spillage of fuel.

Most of the fuel filter installed in the oil line is marked with two arrows, one is the fuel into the arrow, and the other is the fuel out of the arrow, with the arrow to indicate the flow of fuel through the fuel filter. So when we install the fuel filter, we must make the direction of the arrow pointing to the engine, that is, the flow of oil to the engine.

In addition, it should also be noted that the clamping device used in oil is designed, the rubber hose and fuel filter at the combination of these two parts tightly, to achieve the sealing effect. Compared with the ordinary clamping device, the clamping device will cut rubber hose, so it will not cause the damage to the rubber hose, and the clamping device can withstand high pressure. Finally, we should also ensure that the rubber hose clamping device is installed at the correct position and in accordance with the specifications specified junction clamp.

Note: many of the imported fuel filter is a combination of Pipa shaped parts, through the combination part to connect the fuel filter and engine oil. In the use of this combination of Pipa shaped parts, they should pay attention to sealing gasket is repeated is not allowed, so the combination with Pipa fuel filter components, each time maintenance when the replacement gasket must, in order to prevent oil leakage.

In addition, this should also pay attention to the combination of Pipa shaped parts, during the installation process can make the connecting thread wrong button, nor in the combination of components exert too big clamping force. In these parts with Pipa shaped sealing ring do not use RTV or other types of. When installing the combined part, a wrench should be used to ensure proper clamping force.

If the vehicle is without the need to maintain the fuel system, and only use a built-in to the fuel filter, then in vehicle periodic preventive maintenance process, it is not possible to the oil pump, a filter and a fuel output device all replaced, even automotive preventive maintenance interval is long, it is impossible to do that, because of the high cost of doing. However, if there are indications that the engine's working performance is abnormal, or fuel system fuel pressure is at a critical value, then check or even replace the fuel filter inside the fuel tank is very necessary.

After the completion of the maintenance work for the fuel filter to the assembly of all parts and re installed on the fuel pump fuse, then in the ignition system does not work, so that the engine rotates for several laps, until the fuel system in the establishment of the normal fuel pressure so far. At this time, should check the fuel filter and oil leaks. If the test results show that everything is normal, start the engine running a few minutes, and then re check again, to ensure that no leakage happens.

Fuel filter maintenance and replacement is relatively complex, unlike the air filter that is easy to operate, but we also cannot neglect the maintenance, otherwise the fuel filter is not a function.

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