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【TAITURN FILTER】The harm of inferior gasoline filter

For non-professionals, Difficult to tell the pros and cons of auto parts.

Inferior product appearance is almost the same with the real thing, many sales of counterfeit products on the Internet is unable to discern between true and false, many owners in order to save cost, therefore cause the car damaged, but cause unnecessary loss, the following will introduce The harm of inferior gasoline filter to the car.

1, poor quality gasoline filter filter material is poor, the filter effect is poor, the impurities in gasoline easily plug the fuel injection nozzle, resulting in increased fuel consumption, engine jitter, serious damage to the fuel injector nozzle!

2, poor quality gasoline filter will make the fuel supply pressure is not stable, the oil pressure is too low or too high. Oil pressure is too low the engine is difficult to start, the vehicle power is insufficient, the oil pressure is too high will cause the gasoline combustion is not complete, the fuel consumption is high and easy to damage the three element catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor!

3, poor quality gasoline filter element is not resistant to gasoline corrosion, off after blocking circuit, will cause the engine can not be started, the vehicle broke down, resulting in damage to the engine!

Therefore, when replacing the filter, you must select a good filter.

TAITURN FILTER is a professional filter manufacturer, with a total area of 123,000 square meters and a daily production of 80,000 filters.

The company strictly follows the ISO/TS16949 quality management system, the quality of good products and services, to provide you with the products that meet the requirements.

Hebei Taiturn Filter Co., Ltd.  invests 80 million dollars , covering an area of 123,000 square meters , Is the biggest factory of China . Our factory supplys all types of filters applying on cars, trucks & heary-duty machinery . Now we have 3 Korea lines, that make the capacity 50,000 pcs per day . Within 3 years, we will set up 10 lines & promote our output 150,000 pcs per day . The annual output value will reach 120 million dollars . 

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