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【TAITURN FILTER】Winter is coming, air conditioning filters need to be replaced?

The weather is getting colder, the winter is coming, the car owner is wondering, the winter is not cool, is it necessary to change the air conditioning filter?

First of all, what does the air conditioner do in winter?

1. Use air conditioner to remove fog

A lot of car owners know to press the window to remove the fog button, the cold wind will blow to the windshield automatically, can eliminate the fog on the window very quickly.

But sometimes, the car owner will find that the fog has just come apart soon, and then again, in the face of this repeated fog phenomenon, how to cope?

Then can adopt the method of open warm wind mist, turn the air conditioning temperature control button to warm wind direction, air conditioning outlet direction button to go to the glass, hot wind will blow the front windshield directly at this moment, the mist method does not like the former method is fast, generally lasts for 1 to 2 minutes, but not again and again of fog, because hot air blow dry the moisture on the glass.

2. Raise the temperature in the car

Car has just started, do not open the heating air conditioning immediately, because the car has just started, the engine water temperature has not come up, when the air conditioning will blow out, it was not much heat is not only bad for the engine, but also increase fuel consumption.

The correct way to do this is to start the engine preheating, and then turn on the air conditioning when the engine temperature is in the middle.

3. Use air conditioner to prevent drying

First of all, you can't put the air conditioner in the air. It's easy to dry your skin.

In addition, it is also recommended that users can use the heating function during the winter to keep the air conditioner out of circulation for a period of time, so that the fresh air outside the car will come in, which will be beneficial to the human body.

All in all, in the winter, whether cold or warm wind, it is the air conditioning system to adjust, the same is to pass the air conditioning filter filter.

Since air conditioning has a high utilization rate in winter, what happens if the air conditioning filter does not clean up or replace on time?

Phenomenon one: the winter warm wind USES frequent, the car owner when the car finds the warm wind quantity to be small, even when the wind volume drives to the biggest also not warm.

Analysis: air conditioning filter is dirty, causing obstruction of air duct, suggest to clean up or replace air filter element.

Case two: the car's air conditioner smells

Analysis: air conditioning filter is too dirty, and the filtration performance is reduced.

Because of the summer rain, the dust in autumn, the residual moisture in the air conditioning system and the dust in the air combine, and then the fungus causes the smell.

If it is not replaced for a long time, the air conditioning filter will get dirty and the filtration performance will decrease.

This shows that air conditioning filters need to be replaced in winter!

In general, the air conditioning filter should be cleaned once every 5000 kilometers, and the air conditioning filter should be replaced every 10, 000 kilometers or 12 months (whichever comes first).

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