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【TAITURN FILTER】Oil filter replacement steps

Engine in the work process, metal debris, dust, high temperature oxidation of carbon deposits and gelatinous sediments, water and other constantly mixed with lubricating oil. The role of the oil filter is to filter out the debris in the oil, glue and water to the lubricating parts of the delivery of clean oil, to extend its service life. To ensure proper filter operation, the installation must be correct, so it is important that the filter be properly installed.

Filter replacement steps:

Step one, discharge waste oil

Discharge the waste oil in the tank first, place the old oil container under the oil pan, open the oil drain bolt and discharge the waste oil. Discharge oil as much as possible when the oil drops for some time, to ensure that clean waste oil emissions. (Through the use of oil, there will be a lot of impurities, if the discharge is not clean when replaced, easy to plug the oil, resulting in poor oil supply, resulting in structural wear and tear)

Step two, remove the old filter

Move the old oil container to the bottom of the filter and remove the old filter. Be careful not to get dirty oil inside the machine.

Step three, install a new filter

Check the outlet of the oil filter installation position to clean up the above dirt and residual waste oil. Before installation, apply a layer of oil film (new oil or old oil) to the gasket (the circular edge of the filter) by hand, this layer of oil film can be used as a sealant. Then the new filter slowly screwed up, the machine filter do not screw too tight, under normal circumstances is tightened by hand, and then wrench 3/4 turn on it. Note that when installing a new filter, the use of wrench do not twist too hard, otherwise easy to damage the inner seal ring, resulting in poor sealing effect, can not achieve the filtering effect!

Step four, add new oil

At the top of the engine, you will see a lid with the word "oil." Open the oil cap, insert a funnel and inject a certain amount of oil, pull out the dipstick to determine whether it has been loaded foot. Then close the oil cap and wipe off the spilled oil.

Step five, check

Start the engine for a few minutes, then shut it down and check the oil dipstick again to see if the oil level is appropriate. Finally check the bottom of the vehicle for oil leaks. Everyday work we must also regularly check the dipstick, oil, less than off the assembly line, then to be timely replenishment.

Step six, deal with the old oil

Vehicles emit old oil or used oil is very toxic to the environment, so the safe handling of waste oil is extremely important. It is recommended that you dispose of used oil in a sealed container and consult with your local garage for safe handling. It is possible that the auto repair shop near you may recycle these wastes and recycle them or dispose of them safely.

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